As far as evidence of horses being indigenous & here before the Spanish, 20 years ago I found several fossilized
horse teeth in a prehistoric site here in NE Mississippi. These were identified/authenticated by the long time Head of
the Alabama State Archaeology Dept. as Pleistocene(Ice Age)Horse teeth. The place I found these washed out of a
creek dates to the time of deSoto & is in very close proximity to Chicaza where my Chickasaw Ancestors took the
1st horses & cleaned the Spaniard's plow. But these fossilized teeth pre-date this era by 10's of 1000's of years &
were kept in reverance as I do now.
Tho I flunked out of geology @ Univ.of Tx. in 1973, I have ridden 10's of 1000's of miles scout'n dry creeks,etc.all
over this country collect'n. This is the only evidence of pre-historic horses I've found.
I do not doubt or discount that pre-Spanish horses were here & survived the Pleistocene. But like the Stink Ape,if
still existing, it does seem that I would have found more evidence or encounters just based on mileage & so many
years of search.
These fossilized horse teeth are not from a small dog-like animal that Pleistocene horses were assumed to be.
These measure approx. 3" & are beautiful ambers.
Fozzilized Horse Teeth
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