XX, Potawa, & Wilkie-d-Wonder-Dawg, after run'n the
Frank Hopkins 50 Miler, Medicine Springs, Okla. 2003
Whud-kinda' Dawg is
'dat?...that'd run 50+miles,
quit-cha' @ 35-40 miles, take
extra 15 mi. loop, & be @ truck
before ya' get   
back?....well,..he's black, &
Potawa: 600 lbs. carry'n
245, half her body wt.,
came in 7th, SSMA,
POTAWA: Muskogean: "
Not to be share'd or
We ran it for Gilbert
More here
Ol' Gilbert Jones, G-J, told me & I'll tell you.
"There's 2-many nice folks I ain't got time to fool with
to mess with one single sumbitch..."
Copyright: Weldon Merchant,
All Rights Reserved
XX's Earlier Horses
NOTE FOR  REAL NUTS: Ol' Gillbert Jones
presenting XX. the 3rd Consectutive All-Around High
Point  Winner at Medicine Springs, Oklahoma, 1991...
Check out the seat shine on the ol' XX's 1963 Bob
Marrs Slick Fork Saddle, (maybe it was the 8-1400
miles a year XX spent there...what shined it?....& the
quirt made from the cannon bone of a purdy' damn
good horse what left me....here...
The pictured horse with Gilbert & me was named
Chatah...contemprary/match yellar' paint of
Chicaza....Bar 15....come off ol' man Barry
Trotter....another outlaw...taught me how to drink corn
whiskey & other valuable skills, not recognized in
Chatah was a Recreational Buck'r....could spin &
drop & reverse, under atmospheric conditions, &
pop-out 3-4+ licks, then repeat, etc...
long as you had your Mind-Right with th' Lord....& was
spur'n him every lick,...from his ears to his
A$$-Hole....but if you & th' Lord/Mother Nature weren't
exactly right...ol' Yellar Trotter-Boy'd sure scuff up yo'
cow-girl suit. but damn! at the Tales to Tell & the  
Places to Show,... that is the.... 2nd pay-day...XX