Portfolio of Sold Jewelry by XX
Examples of One-of-a-Kinds,
as is 98% of my work for
40-some years.
XX's Necklace in Smithsonian
Permanent Collection,National
Collection of Fine Arts,
shown in 1976, 3 year tour
and again in 2004.
Now on Permanent Display at
Smithsonian American Art
Museum Luce Foundation
Center for American Art
SS Cross, set with
Onyx, abt. 2.5"
SS Moline Cross,
set with Sapphires
Sterling Silver
Cross set with
SS Cross,
set with Garnet
Sterling Silver
Cross with Onyx
SS Unicorn Bracelet,
set with Sapphire
SS Bracelet &
Cross Set
Run'n Horse Herd Bracelet,
3/4" wide, carved in thick SS.
SS Bracelet, hammer'd &
carved with run'n Mustangs
SS Gorget Necklace
set with Garnet
SS Horse Bracelet &
Gorget Necklace, set
with Banded Agate.
SS Saddle Bracelet
SS Belt Buckle
Spurs, blued steel, SS,
& copper,
TIG-welded & carved.
Gal-Leg Bits & Spur Set,
copper, silver,& steel.
SS cast Buffalo head
with 43 ct. Kingman
Tourqouise, Bear
Claws set for horns,
measures 6.5" x 4.5"