XX's UFO Report

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005 about 6:30-7 P.M.

Location: Frazier Creek Valley, Kiamichi Mountains, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

While rest'n in a lawn chair from another hard day of ride'n brush & move'n rock building a
low-water cross'n over my branch, I started hearing the sound of a 'flying craft' in the distant west.    
     From the first sound from a great distance, I realized that it was unique to anything I'd
experienced. For maybe 30 minutes or more, I listened and scanned the horizon and tree line as it
approached quite slowly. The closer it got, the louder it got and the more it seemed directly in-line
with the valley, traveling west to east. The "uniqueness" of its sound became more and more
evident as it approached.  It seemed more in a 'hovering' mode than a flying mode, like how could
it remain in flight was my question and be so low and slow?
The closer it got, the louder it got and the more it seemed headed right toward me over the tree
line about 150-200 yards away. By now, after listening and watching for it for nearly 30 minutes,
I'm standing and pacing to get a better view as it is obviously going to blow the tops out of the
trees and rattle and roll rocks all over Frazier Creek Valley with me in the center of its flight.
Just as it reached its pinnacle of deafening loudness and proximity when I expected to see
"something air-bourne?" more up on the mountain south of me and to my left, it was gone, adios,,
no zip, no whoosh, no gear shift'n nor rev'n , no da nada,  dead quiet, no bird, no dog, no horse, no
insect made a sound for maybe 15 minutes. Then Nature's sounds returned slowly.
I never saw a thing, not one leaf moved, no waves in the trees, no dust and it was bone dry. My
dogs and my booger-hunt'n mustang never made one move, just stood like me wall-eyed looking
at where we thought it was or went.
 We've been out and seen all sorts of flying craft: jets, small planes, ultra-lites, weather balloons,
hot-air balloons, and every flying foul in great numbers and singly. Their reaction and mine can
only be compared to the time a six-foot bald eagle circled us low and slow in an open prairie.
Then all stood wall-eyed and stone still while the eagle made his four circles to the left over our
heads. Then too, no bird or animal made a sound or a move for what seemed a long time
So what did it sound like? It was the sound of whirl'n, the sound of a whirlwind, the sound of great
fans and blowers but not mechanical. Not the sound an engine makes, not a jet or the whup-whup
of a helicopter's blades,  not the sound that metal-mechanical-internal combustion makes. It was a
sound so unique that was felt as much as heard in your skin and down to your bones. It was the
vibration and buzz  a 100 foot bumble bee would make.
How it went from its maximum intensity and closeness to adios, after listening to its approach for
30 minutes or more, huh?
The next day, Friday, May 20, 2005, I spent ride'n upon the ridge try'n to more closely plot its path.
My purpose was to possibly find some sign of its passing or disappearance or anything?. With my
dogs and horse, I hoped to find maybe tree tops blown out or scorched earth or maybe one
branch out of place. I started a mile or so west before where it had disappeared.
When I got to the approximate vicinity of its disappearance heading east, my WWII Navy
Engineers compass went to spinning wildly, first one direction, then the other.  I rode around in
circles for 2-3 hours before I got to a point that my compass finally settled unsteadily pointing east
enough to travel by it. An hour or so later when I reached a trail, it was to the West, not the East as
the compass indicated and the direction of my intended travel.

About 3-4 P.M., I heard it again in the East but just as it started to crank up, it was gone in an
instant. My impression was it went from south to north in a split second.
This is only a Report, I didn't see any thing, but I did experience & hear something that I can't
explain. Those that know me know if I'd seen any little green men, my blue-dogs woulda' bay'd at
least one of 'em, and I'd a-rope'd & neck'd him to a black-jack oak up in that canyon.
 How did it go from maximum intensity & proximity to Adios, leaving no sound or trace, when it
took 30+ minutes to arrive?
  Weldon Merchant, All Rights Reserved, Copyright, 6-3-2005

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The 1st time I went to 'Rough Hollar' the day I bought it, I stepped into the branch &
took this picture.  Now I've taken 10's of 10,000's of pictures in all
mediums/methods/conditions over 40-some years but never had such.  & In rain, snow,
sweat, blood, & snot etc., but nothing compares.
What's that ?
I have my own conclusions, hope to furnish later.