Opinion By Weldon Merchant aka XX
copyright 1-23-05
Known as the Wind Cross in the culture of  Native American Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (Mound Builders), this cross is
the symbol of the Wind Clan. The first and most prestigious clan because Creation Stories tell of  Four Winds that cleared the
Darkness and dried the Earth for Life when all was Water.
When known as the Moline/Miller's Cross, to help understand the source and symbology, one must picture a Miller's millstone
slowly turning hypnotically around creating a tunnel effect.
The clamp(mill rind) that holds the millstone is a cross with four equal arms.
The 3 rings that taper inward symbolize the Trinity(Father, Son and  Holy Ghost as One).
All of us who have had Near Death Experience and return, universally speak of going through a tunnel of concentric rings of
Golden Light accompanied/propelled by Winds beyond description/semantics.
Biblically whenever the Great Spirit appears it is as Light ("I am the Way, the Truth, & the Light")
also known as the "Sun Cross"..
The empty space between the cross' arms is the Black Void the Spirit enters after leaving the Body..(Refer to Genesis, Ch.1) I
often set my crosses with Onyx for its symbology and its mention in Genesis.
After crying out from the Fearful Void, a tiny distant point of Light appears and with great speed approaches and  envelopes the
Spirit in a comforting golden ring, then another, and another as the Spirit flies through the Tunnel to the Great Spirit.
The Cross, the infinite universal positive sign/symbol is found recorded in Genesis 2:10 as the 4 rivers of the Garden of Eden.
400 years before Christ, Plato wrote of his ancestor Solon, great law-giver of Athens, who visited Egypt 600 years before Christ.
From this source comes the basis of Atlantis, the 'Lost Continent', whose aerial view was the same Cross. The study of
Continental Drift and Ancient Mariners explains its universiality.
This Cross appears throughout the Bronze Age in Scandinavia and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex(the Mound Builders)
of Native America. Many copper Crosses like this were unearthed from graves at Moundville, Alabama. Along the Tombigbee
River and other rivers of the southeast, numerous mussleshell true crosses have been found.
Numerous variations are found worldwide but it is the exact representation:
Three(3) graduated rings encircling a cross of equal arms with spur-trails indicating counter-clockwise spin,..always to the left.
The spur-trails indicate spiral counter-clockwise spin/movement, just as:
The Earth turns, left.
Sea shells form, Snakes coil, vines grow, trees spiral.
When animals approach Death, in their final moments, if able they will always make 1 to 4 turns to the left and lay down facing
West to be on the old Spirit Trail that runs East-to-West like the Sun.
Just as the Dance is a 'prayer in motion' in Southeastern NDN tradition: always to the left with our hearts closest to the Fire/Light.
This Cross is most of all a Prayer Wheel:
Align the Cross with the 4 cardinal directions, offer prayer, call your angels, allies, guardian spirits(insert own semantics) to
honor 1st to the East, then the North, then the West, then the South,
Continue turning left and; honor our Mother, Earth(whence we came and; shall
Continue Turning, left, honoring our Father, Sky(who takes and watches our Spirit)
And in a final and 7th turn, honor Grandfather, that Great Mystery and Spirit, we are too humble to try to understand.
A smudge with cedar or sage always helps to cleanse, orient, and prepare us for prayer.
And that's the way it is, was, and shall always be.....XX...Weldon Merchant
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Other Crosses by XX
About 50-100 copper wind crosses like this were found in burials at Moundville, Alabama Mound Complex.
Notice the lower tab with a pin point sight, approx. size 2" wide x 4 3/4" tall.
In Oklahoma, Osage boys pick up galena (lead) crystals and with two straight pins connected to the wires of 6
transistor radio ear plugs pick up as many as 17 radio stations.
Now what were Sanctified Holy Men on Mounds capable of with gold, quartz & other crystals sighting thru the
Wind Cross?
XX made this example after prayers and time at Moundville in the late '80's.