Tracing The Chickasaw Horse in XX's Family and its Evolution    
Here's a newspaper photo of XX get'n big air demonstrating a genetic pre-disposition.
Here's XX flanked by him & his mama. Sire was chestnut dun line-back "mustang"
Here's me & Ol' Buck, a buckskin bought as a pony horse at
a harness track up north. Ol' Buck was used as a rope'n
horse at Old Madison Square Gardens, N.Y. in 50's.
Good example of draft cross, about 1/4 mustang/Chickasaw
horse. Calf-roped off ol' Buck during my early teenage years,
lots of brio out of chute, but like ol' folks said: "Praise the tall,
but saddle the small..."
Just a few of so many good ol' ponies I've had,
broke, trained, ridden,...but it'll have to do,...until
Here's after I got 1st 1960 Western Horseman, back when we'd roach
their manes, bob their tails try'n to pass for the Quarter Horse look in
the magazine.
Compare this horse with the ones in the 1880's family photo below.
Easy to see how the way it was is the way it is and shall be.
My Chickasaw Ancestors took these horses from de Soto here in
Mississippi at Chicaza in 1540...we've had 'em since...
Photo taken in Old Chickasaw Nation, the chuka yakni(Ancestral Homeland),
Chickasaw Co., Mississippi.
Take note of the horses and the pride in them. Everyone is wearing
hand-made mocassins, except boy on your right who has cobbled boots & boy
on left who's barefooted. The baby girl has high-tops....XX made 1000's like.
Note the Chickasaw Peach Tree growing in the yard by gate.
Note this old ground is made from the dust of the blood and bones of my
Some of
XX's mares
& 2005
Pleistocene(Ice Age) Fossilized Horse