XX on Country Monkey,Reg. QH, 1966
Country Monkey by Country by Rey by Peter McCue....Pete
Reynolds had ranches in Tx. & Ala....'nother story......

XX, Weldon Merchant, age 15, note: Bob Marrs Slick-Fork  
Saddle & outfit I made, still got. Been train'n by Ed Connell Old
Spanish method, awhile.......over 40 years ago.......

Worked ride'n fence, had 6-8 horse string, break'n in process,
rode 25-35 miles daily, and jack-pot rope'n on week-ends &
catch'n wild cows after all others failed for $20-$100.  
Last Reg. QH XX owned, give up on 'em when the draft/TB ruined the "Spanish
Mustang" in 'em.  If'n they're 2-wide, they'll lodge between trees, adios your knees,  
but an ol' cow'll go thru anyplace light'll go...so will a SM, but a fellar'll haveta' ride all
over 'em, & ruin a lota' leather & clothes...cause they'll run anything, hunt & track like
a hound dog.
"I have made myself what I am."....Tecumseh, 1810
"Not know'n what you're do'n never stopped me,
just inspired me...."... XX-Weldon Merchant, 1984
To wild stock & Wild Man, fences
ain't never been nothin' but a
suggestion.This is my story & I'm
add'n to it,.......XX
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