XX's Sale Pen
Chili Powder
My daughter named her Chili Pepper when she was born, but later changed to Chili-Powder
because she's so smooth riding and affable.
SSMA 2545, born Aug.1992, d/o Calisaya, SSMA 186,SMR 611 & Sassafras, SSMA 1246
Here's a 14 y/o mare I've raised, as her mother before her. She's one sweet girl with lots of
chrome, good keeper, stays heavier just on pasture than I prefer. Easy caught, been handled,
used, rode, trailered, etc. Like all mine,  pasture raised with horse herd & Texas Longhorns,
My guess, 14-2h's, 850lbs.?
You'll be up against it trying to find a Spanish Mustang better than her for the price.

PRICE: $3500
See her 2005 filly
Here's Chili with 'sainted' Jack(worse animal that ever owned
me) aboard. Jack'd catch 'em lay'n down or laze'n around the
flat trailer,mount up, and ride up to another one then change
Drove a Chevy alright,too, until that most unfortunate incident
that day.
Named after the Yazoo Tribe, ancient indigenous people who lived along
now Yazoo River, Mississppi.
Born 3-5-92
Son of Calisaya, SSMA 186,SMR 611
Honey Z Dun, SSMA 946, Carter Choctaw mare
Bay with South America marking between eyes
Almost 15h's, wt. 900lbs.?
Complete Pet, Solid, Tough, Asleep at the Wheel, until sent, used on Dude
String,catch him anywhere?..try to evade him?, loves folks, but much
horse, great cow sense, loves to cut 'em, all black feet, never had to shoe,
but Yaz'll put up with anything(2-many tales for now), must be with others,
not a Lone Ranger, but'll walk out, trot out, or show me the Race, Yaz's
butt's all you see or tracks of it. In the big pen, he'll baby-sit more children
than he'll hold. The savings in jungle gyms & baby-sitters will cover his
price 1st day alone
PRICE: $3500
Yazoo's Mama &
Issiac Red-Dog
Sire: Calisaya, SSMA 186,SMR 611
Dam: Jana's Doofus(Oklahoma Blanketed Appaloosa)
Born: 1991, 15 year old gelding, 15-2h's, 1000 lb.
Red Dog is big, solid, extremely  gentle, slow, lazy, but can go, experienced,
Hauled Red Dog to Texas & gathered 2400 head of Mexican steers out of the Sabine River bottoms and hills.
Worst bunch of grassed up steers spoiled by every cowboy suit, 4-wheeler driver, & dirt-bike jockey around who'd
failed to gather 'em.
When startin' broncs in big pen alone as usual,  I snub off to Red Dog's saddle, throw a leg over the trainee &
boot Red Dog in the a$$. He'll pony us around about 2-3 loops until new one settles, then goes & waits in the
shade. Good Companero.
PRICE: $3500    
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